Chuck D To Hit The Big Screen

Chuck D will make his big screen debut in the next Joe (Showgirls)

Eszterhas movie, An Alan Smithee Film. Don't worry, he won't be playing

opposite one of Eszterhas' patented curvaceous, naked lesbian avenger heroines

(for once), he'll be one of the Brothers brothers, along with Coolio, in the

Hollywood-spoof flick. The duo will play a Hughes-brothers-like duo of

film-making siblings in the movie- about-making-movies-movie, which also

features Ryan O'Neal, Richard Jeni and a host of Hollywood celebrity cameos. A

spoof from top to bottom, even the title of the film is a play on Hollywood

insecurity, making reference to the anonymous credit a screenwriter/director

adopts when he/she doesn't want to be associated with a stinker, the film is

currently shooting in Los Angeles and marks Coolio's second stab at a screen

career, the first being last summer's disastrously stupid, Phat


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