And A Very, Merry Christmas From ATN To You!

Sonic Youth for Christmas? We wish!

If we had out way, we'd fill the Sonic Lodge with our

favorite musicians for Christmas. Pavement and Guided By Voices hangin' with

Veruca Salt and Catherine. Beck, the Dust Brothers, Brad Wood and Ben Lee

getting the fire going, while Sonic Youth, DJ Shadow, Vic Chesnutt, Cracker and

Everclear jam down in the basement. Out on the balcony, Pearl Jam, Neil Young,

Lou Reed, Mike Watt, the Smashing Pumpkins and the Elephant Six gang sharing

road and recording studio tales, while in the kitchen, Chris Isaak, Portishead,

Weezer, Paula Frazer, Van Gogh's Daughter, Dr. Dre, and the Memphis Goons cook

some gumbo. Upstairs, somewhere, Rancid and Joey Ramone and the Offspring

getting' into trouble. But enough of that. The ATN staff wish you a very merry

Christmas. We hope some of your dreams come true. ATN is taking Christmas off.

Not only that, we're taking Thursday (Dec. 26th) off too. But we'll be

backatcha with the news on Friday, Dec. 27th. Later.