Budweiser Gets Wise

Anheuser-Busch, the nation's top brewer, and home to brands like Budweiser and

Michelob, has decided to stop airing beer ads on MTV in an effort to prove to

critics that it's serious about not target-marketing youthful (read:underage)

drinkers. USA Today reports that the beer giant will continue to air ads

on MTV's older-skewing sister station, VH1.

The MTV account added up to

less than $2 million of Anheuser's $534 million in advertising expenses last

year. Critics are calling the move an unusually public one, suggesting it is

the first time a brewer has made an announcement about not advertising

on a network, especially since it comes just a few weeks after the

widely-criticized decision by the distilled spirits industry to reverse a

self-imposed decades-long ban on broadcast liquor advertising. The paper also

reported that the Federal Trade Commission is reviewing tapes of a Schlitz Malt

Liquor ad that aired this past July during the teen drama My So-Called

Life. Joe Camel could not be reached for comment.