Slash And Burn

Not that we're so terribly surprised, given the numerous times he's hinted

at it in the press lately, but it's official, guitarist Slash has finally

severed ties with Guns 'n' Roses. ABC reported that the faceless ax-grinder has

vacated his spot in the volatile band, who've been largely dormant since

releasing their double Use Your Illusion set way back in 1991. The

band, who are reportedly in the midst of recording an album set for a summer

'97 release, have not named a replacement, and no word yet on whether any work

Slash laid down on the album will appear on the final product. Although the

split was reportedly by "mutual agreement" between Slash and singer Axl Rose,

it seems safe to assume that this band, which stopped mattering sometime around

"November Rain," is now free to stumble off into the heavy metal aria direction

the frequently court-bound singer was last seen pushing it uphill. Slash is

reportedly ready to start auditioning singers for his equally inconsequential

solo project, Slash's Snakepit, since Eric Dover is busy with his band,

Imperial Drag. .