Lori Carson Previews New Songs


Thursday (Oct. 3), Lori Carson, armed only with a guitar, a cool and clear

voice, and stunning looks, played for an enthusiastic crowd in the cabaret room

of club Luna Park. Carson is doing a series of intimate performances in L.A. to

promote her fourth solo album Everything I Touch Runs Wild,which will be

released this coming January. Carson opened her set with "Waking To Dream Of

You," a beautifully lilting song from her last album Where It Goes. She

also sang material off the upcoming album including the mesmerizing

"Something's Got Me," "Fade" and the flowing "Souvenir." The audience was so

captivated by Carson's singing, which often comes through as a whisper, so

quiet that one could hear a pin drop in the small club. Or, rather, a tear drop

since her music is so sad sounding. But Carson says that she thinks that her

songs are not sad. "In a performance sometimes," Carson said between the songs,

"you have to leave a lot of stuff to chance. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it

doesn't." She paused before saying, "So, go ahead and throw shit at me." The

audience laughed at her good-natured jokes and modesty. Recently, Carson's

music has been featured on movie soundtracks. Her song, "You Won't Fall" was

used the movie, Stealing Beauty. She also contributed to the Strange

Days soundtrack. Carson is also known for her work with The Golden

Palominos. With the help of her friend and co-producer Anton Fier, she mixes a

wonderful blend of acoustic sensitivity with lush ambient textures. With often

sparse and slow-core chords, Carson fills the songs with her heart hitting,

illuminating lyrics. After the polished sound of her last album, Carson said

she wanted a more intimate and imperfect feel. She is honest when singing about

flaws and folly. Her new work proves she hasn't lost her delicate touch. "I'm

still pretty nervous of up here," she confessed to the crowd at Luna Park. Some

shouted that "nervous is natural." Carson smiled before retorting, "Well,

natural is nervous, too."