Sir Mix Too Much?

We've heard of doing a little something special for your fans, but Seattle

bootie rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot just upped the ante with his latest rump-shaking

single, "Jump On It." Ever since the single came out in July, radio stations

across the country have been whipping up their own private remixes, inserting

their city's name into the "What's up _______, What's up?" shout-out portion of

the song. How do I know? Well, I just drove across the country and heard a

Missouri mix that went something like, "What's up St. Louis?, what's up St.

Louis, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it." Mix, never one to miss a publicity

boat, quickly scurried into his Seattle studio and whipped off personalized

versions of the song for fifteen cities, including Providence, RI, Oxnard, CA,

Kalamazoo, MI, and, yes, Cour D-Alene, Idaho, incorporating landmarks, sports

teams, area codes and, not surprisingly, nods to the, um, "local talent." This,

in addition to the more than two dozen nods to cities like Atlanta, Dallas, San

Antonio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Kansas City and, of course, Seattle in the song.

And don't forget tips to such world-renowned rap-cities as Tacoma and

Cincinnati. Word is Mix is busy working on at least fifteen more personalized

mixes. I'm just waiting for the "What's up Baghdad, what's up?" Saddam mix.