Man (Back) At Work

Ever wonder what happened to Men At Work’s Colin Hay? Aside, of course, from
hosting MTV’s “Where are they now” retrospective “It Came from the 80’s?” Well,
we did, and we got a surprising answer when we slipped on the debut 5-song EP
from Lazlo Bane. We sort of recognized the fourth song (“Overkill”) to begin
with, then, about mid-way through, out came a plaintive wail that could only
come from the man from the “land down under,” and, when we opened up the jewel
case, there in the liner notes it said: “Yes, that’s Colin Hay, (appears
courtesy of his mother) vocals and guitars on 4.” Apparently, the man behind
the band, Chad Fischer, met Hay in L.A. and, as these things happen, they
ended up collaborating on the song, which, in case you forgot (we did) is a
cover of one of Men At Work’s biggest hits. Fischer says he met Hay when he
moved to L.A. three years ago and was staying with a friend who was dating the
lazy-eyed singer (who now lives in L.A.). Hay asked Fischer to play drums on a
solo record he was working on at the time. The duo hit it off and after Hay’s
record, Topanga, came out, they collaborated on a song for a Disney
movie soundtrack and Hay helped his young protégé swim gingerly through the
shark-infested waters of signing his first major record deal. “He’s like an
uncle to me,” says Fischer. “He’s told me all his war stories and given me a
crash course in Rock ’n’ Roll 101.” The EP is a teaser for Lazlo Bane’s
full-length debut, which is scheduled to arrive in early ’97. As for the
unusual moniker, Fischer says he was just sitting around with a neighbor one
day trying to think up clever names when she mentioned that she’d just finished
writing a novel about a guy who gets abducted by a Church of Scientology-type
cult. His name? Lazlo Bane, of course.

Can't stop, won't stop.