Say It's Your Birthday: Harry Connick Jr.

Serial-killer one day, Sinatra imitator the next, New

Orleans native Harry Connick, Jr. was born today in 1967. Connick was the

epitome of a fortunate son, born into a Lousianan political family that he used

to gain access to clubs while under-age, where, by the time he was 18 and

headed for New York, he had played with the Marsalesis' and New Orleans pianist

James Booker. Perched half-way between a schlocky joke and a multi-talented

prodigy, Connick burst onto national consciousness scoring the hit When

Harry Met Sally.... His albums swung between Big Band Arrangements (1990's

We Are In Love and jazz piano trios (the same year's Lofty's Roach

Souffle). When his magnetic-singing wasn't catching attention, his

similarly Sinatra-like half-assed acting was, most recently as a serial-killer

in last-year's Copycat. He also tried to beef-up his tough-guy image by

being caught with a gun at New York's Kennedy Airport. --Seth Mnookin


is also the birthday of Jon Moss, one time drummer for Culture Club. Moss was

born in 1957 in London. It's hard to believe, but Culture Club were once one of

the most popular bands in the world. Led by the controversial Boy George, the

group scored a home run with their Motown-by-way-of-Jamaica international hit,

"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" which went to #1 in England, and #2 in the

U.S. A string of hits followed over the next few years including "I'll Tumble 4

Ya," and "Karma Chameleon." The group's third album, Waking Up with the

House On Fire, released in 1984, was the beginning of the end; two years

later, following the release of the final Culture Club album, From Luxury To

Heartache it was revealed that Boy George, who had previously spoken out

against drug use, was a heroin addict. The Boy, as he was known in his heyday,

has since cleaned up his act. We have no idea what Mr. Moss is currently up to.

Other birthdays: the Buckingham's Dennis Tufano (1948); Styx's Tommy Shaw

(1953); and Style Council's Mick Talbot (1958).