Neil Young Album Done

Ready to rock the world. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The as-yet untitled Neil Young and Crazy Horse

album is

done, and ready for release. That is, if Reprise Records can move

mountains to

make the July 2 release date that Young's aiming for. This will be a challenge,

given that the label hasn't received any art work from the Young one. What

Young has done is record seven or eight songs--each about six minuets in

length--that are riveting, in a way that only Neil with Crazy Horse rivet. One

stand-out is Young's cover of the Jimmy Reed chestnut "Baby What You Want Me To

Do," that he recorded at one of the secret shows at the Old Princeton Landing

near Half Moon Bay in Northern California. Another is "Big Time," a seven

minute track recorded at Young's home studio recently, which as we've

previously reported, features a gorgeous, chiming melody line that will remind

some of Young's work with Buffalo Springfield in the '60s, and the raw power of

Zuma's "Cortez the Killer." We understand that Young would like to get this

album out before his European tour commences in mid-July, (the American tour

doesn't begin until September).

With his album done, Young showed up last

week at the San Francisco Film Festival for the screening of Jim Jarmusch's

eerie Dead Man, a film that features some of Young's most

impressionistic electric guitar work. Young looked relaxed as he hung out with

Jarmusch, and the director's other very good friend, Tom Waits, who had come

down from the wilds of Northern California to attend this shindig. Don Hyde,

the Healdsburg theater owner, for whom Waits performed a benefit concert

earlier this year, was also in the throng. Jarmusch was in fine form, as he

fielded questions from the audience during a question and answer period

following the screening. At one point a fan yelled out "What happened to Tom

Waits?" referring to Jarmusch's original intention to star the legendary singer

in the part played by Johnny Depp. "He's sitting right in front of you, ask

him," parried the director.