Steve Earle Under The Glass In "44.1 kHz"

Ahhh, if only life were as simple as a Donnie and Marie

show. You know, one of 'em is "a little bit country" and the other's "a little

bit rock 'n' roll." But things aren't so clearly delineated. You might be

tempted to pigeonhole ATN into the "rock 'n' roll" category. Not so fast! Just

to show you we're open-minded to all kinds of music, we've got a review

of Steve Earle's latest, I Feel Alright, in

HREF="/ATN/issues/2.04/Sections/44.1kHz/">44.1kHz. Mr. Earle's about

as rock 'n' roll as they come, what with six marriages and some prison time

under his belt. Check it out. RealAudio clips, for you impatient types, too.