Resolve: Jinxed?

The lot of new bands is always fraught with the little ups

and downs that test one's faith. Consider Resolve, the Boston-based pop/punk

band recently inked to the newly formed AO! Records. Two days ago they made an

arduous drive from Boston to New York in inclement weather, only to find that

the club that they were due to play, Under Acme, had gone belly up the day

before. It seems that the owner had finished signing his tax return the night

before, looked at the bottom line and swore, no more. (Although some say Under

Acme was never the same after Karen Edlitz, the Czarina of indie rock


left last September). The only problem was the proprietor didn't bother

to tell

anyone about his monumental decision. Not even the band that was due to perform

there the next night. This wouldn't even be important except that two weeks ago

Resolve were supposed to play at Club De Wash in Wisconsin, only to find

that the

club had burned down two days before--and no one had bothered to tell them

about this either. Par for the course, you might say, except that this very

same band, still ebullient after releasing their first full-length album,

Jack, (which is nothing so much as a '90s reinvention of garage, and

with a

liberal dose of their childhood heroes thrown in--Mike Scott, Bono, and Peter

Townshend) had run into this sort of thing just two weeks before. They

were due

to play at a club in Virginia on April 1 to kick off their tour, and they truly

got an April Fool's joke played on them. They arrived at the club only to find

that the promoter had given them the wrong date, and they were really supposed

to be there on May 1. Feeling sorry for these Beantown boys, the club owner

offered to give them dinner, but couldn't give them a slot on the bill. Maybe

somebody should give them a mobile phone for the car, or at least a lucky

rabbit's foot.