Say It's Your Birthday: Roy Trakin

To get the inside story on living with the deformity of a

leap year birth, we had no choice but to talk to Roy Trakin, Senior Editor of

Hits magazine. His only musical competition for the honor, big band

leader Jimmy Dorsey, died in 1957. When did you figure out, we asked Roy, that

fate had royally fucked you on the birthday tip? "Even as a little kid, I never

really minded," he told us. "It's always been kinda fun. The concept of the

fact that I only had a birthday every four years--people's minds were blown."

Well how old are you? Are you six or eight or what? And when do you

celebrate it? "What's funny about it is when you don't have a birth day

you kinda get the whole week. So it would start at February 23 or 24 and build

to a crescendo midnight on the 28th. The funniest thing about it now, is that

in the year 2000 my son and I will both be 12." Happy 11th birthday, Roy

Trakin. And to Jimmy Dorsey, Happy birthday to you