Vedder Turns The Night "Black" On Letterman

Vedder makes surprise "Late Show" appearance. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Leave it to our favorite recluse, Eddie Vedder, to

somewhat impulsively leave the safe confines of Stone Gossard's Litho Studios

where he's been working with his buddies on the next Pearl Jam album and not

only show up on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, but

perform the Pearl Jam classic "Black." Letterman and Paul Shaffer have had

this running dialogue about "where Eddie Vedder is" for the past week or so.

Apparently Vedder saw the schtick one night, and was amused by it. And since he

was coming to New York anyway (to see the final Ramones shows, actually, among

other things) he decided to drop in on the guys, and personally let them know

his whereabouts. Here's what happened. Dave, sitting at his desk, begins to

sing the words to "Black." Then he asks Shaffer for a little musical backup

which Shaffer provides. But then, after a few bars, Shaffer says, "If we're

gonna do this right, we oughta get Eddie Vedder out here." At which point the

Vedder man himself comes bustin' through the doors and delivers a beautiful

version of "Black." The crowd goes wild, but when the song is over Vedder walks

off and out the back door. Dave tries to follow screaming,

"Eddie.....Eddie...Where are you?" Surprisingly, Vedder comes back out, bows,

shakes Dave's hand and leaves. Back at his desk, Letterman says," There you

have it, The Dave Letterman show, THE official Pearl Jam Station." And as the

saying goes, "that's all folks." Unless, of course, you decided to stick around

and watch the soon-to-be married (for the fifth time) counterculture- and

Nike-spokesman Dennis Hopper squirm a bit as Letterman asked him deep questions

about his favorite (before he stopped drinking) alcoholic beverage and the