Patti Smith Takes The Show (including Tom Verlaine!!) On The Road

Performance shot of Smith from late 1975.

There have been ever-changing reports on the release date

for the long-awaited Patti Smith album, but as of today, either a late May of

June release is anticipated. Guitarist/producer Lenny Kaye has been mixing the

record in New York. Smith now plans a couple of showcases in advance of the

release, with her entire band (which will include Tom Verlaine, Patti's old

crony and amour). She'll be performing at San Francisco's Warfield Theater on

March 18 and March 19, followed by a date at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles

on March 23. We spoke to Smith at her home in Detroit yesterday. She did

confirm that she would be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in our fair city, and

then turned around and interrogated us about the venue that she would be

performing at. "Is it a good place? What's it like? Is the sound good?" Smith

asked with real concern in her voice, adding that "the reason I'm coming back

to San Francisco is because i got real support when I played at Slim's with my

one guitarist. The shows there gave me a lot of confidence that I didn't have

before. I told them that I had two week off--because the kids have two weeks

off from school--and could play just about anywhere, but the main thing I

wanted to do was to come back to San Francisco, because they treated me really

great of all the places I worked. I felt that the people there were the most

caring, and since I can't tour that much, I thought this is where I wanted to

go. I'm bringing the whole family with me, and will either be there on St.

Paddy's day or the day before. I'm not going to be doing hardly anything there

except performing because I might have to do a little recording so I'm trying

to keep myself free."