Yoko Ono: Rock And Roll Muse

Yoko Ono is planning another album and a UK tour with son

Sean Ono Lennon. As you remember the littlest Lennon performed on last year's

Rising LP with his mother. Mrs. Lennon said the songs on that record

were inspired by her experiences in Hiroshima. She told reporters that "In

hindsight, dealing with he trauma of Hiroshima was a very good experience. I

kind of got my independence and strength and I probably needed that to cope

with a lot of things that happened later." She also spoke about how releasing

the Beatles Anthology dredged up memories of how harshly the world

treated her, blaming her for the Beatles break-up because she was said to have

had such a profound influence on John. She told NME recently: "I was

pretty OK about it all. The world was attacking me, but that was a distant

thing from what was going on between me and John." We just heard that Ono is

also being asked to participate in the Mojo cover story on rock and roll

muses. At this writing they've contacted Bebe Beull, Marianne, Patty Boyd

Harrison, and Anita Pallenberg. The cover shot was postponed because uber

photographer Terry O'Neil wasn't available, and Marianne Faithfull was

extending her