Confused By The Lush Thing? Win CD Or Something

OK, that's the giveaway, so to speak. "Win CD Or

Something." That tell you this is not news, that this is a blatant attempt to

get you to click on the Lush banner on the home page and at the top of the

"Music News Of The World" index page that you traveled through to get here.

Lush are this UK band that has a new album coming out sometime in the near

future called Lovelife. There is a contest happening RIGHT NOW and some

people who enter it will win something. You'll have to go click on the Lush

banner to find out, but we think it's either a Lush cassette or a sampler or a

CD or something along those lines. We're too lazy to go over there. And we've

got the Lush album already anyway. But you don't. So get over there, enter the

contest and if you're lucky, you'll get something Lush in the mail real soon.