Noise Pop Festival Explodes

Tonight, the Fastbacks will get out of bed and play for you.

One of the coolest regional rock 'n' roll festivals began

last night at the Kilowatt in San Francisco with performances by Colorfast,

Stuntman American Sensei, No Knife and Sparkle. The festival, co-presented by

Addicted To Noise (we make no money from it, we just get to tell you about it

and be listed on a cool Frank Kozik poster), runs four days this year and

includes six shows at four of the hippest underground clubs in the city.

Tonight, none other than Seattle's Fastbacks headline a show at the Bottom of

the Hill that also includes East Bay rockers Bracket, Calgary punkers

Chixdiggit and the Bay Area's own Action Slacks.

Begun in 1993 as a

"micro-music festival" showcasing "local bands writing songs rich with guitars,

melody and noise," the festival now draws cool bands from, as the organizers

put it, "the west coast, and beyond."

There is, naturally, a Noise Pop web

site, courtesy of the folks at Jetpack (which used to be called Buzznet). Head

over to for detailed info and, as the festival

unfolds, photos, reports and other related info.

The action starts in the

afternoon Saturday with a 3 PM show at the Bottom of the Hill that includes

Tilt, Groovie Ghoolies and Maxiwagon. The enterprising netcast company,

MediaCast will be posting audio/video material from the show on the MediaCast

site located at

Saturday night the Bottom of the Hill

rocks with Meices (lot of buzz on this band, which has a Gil Norton produced

album due out on London Records soon), Red 5, Skiploader and Carlos.


festival wraps up on Sunday with two shows. The first, the "Matinee Waffle

Brunch," takes place at the Chameleon with six bands: Hugh, Trackstar, Magic

Paper, Creeper Lagoon and Farflung. The second, at the Trocadero, is headlined

by the international acclaimed Supersuckers, with sets by Tenderloin, Clarke

Nova, Alcohol Funnycar and Peppercorn.

ATN will be at some of the shows and

we'll have reports in the days to