Rock and Roll Dynasty: Dave Marsh Reviews A Wedding?

ATN's own Dave Marsh attended the wedding of Emily Marcus

and Scott Kempner this past Sunday (Feb. 18), and after exerting a little

pressure we convinced Marsh it would be in his own best interest to write about

the event. Either that or we were going to publish the Polaroid's. Here is his

report: It was a little less rock 'n' roll presence than you might have

expected at the wedding of Scott Kempner (of the Del Lords, The Dictators and

most recently The Little Kings, the band he just formed with Dion Di Mucci) and

Emily Marcus the daughter of legendary rock critic Greil Marcus and his wife


But what there was, was of very high quality. For instance, there

was handsomer Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators who was sporting a very

fashionable three or four days growth of beard and cigar in hand that he never

lit. All the Dictators were there, a couple of Del Lords and John Rockwell,

formerly of The New York Times,who now runs the Lincoln Center Summer

Arts Program. Not much happened, there wasn't much music. No band played. The

wedding was held at the Oakland home of Steve and Dale Block who are the

Marcus's oldest friends. The reception was held at Chez Panisse, the Sun

Studios of American Haute Cuisine.

I made a brief toast; Rockwell did as

well. It wasn't a day where you talked a lot about rock 'n' roll, it was a day

that brought some rock 'n' roll people together on exactly those terms and you

could feel an extended family-thing. You could really see where Emily and Scott

have a relationship that came out of kind those values in a healthy, positive,

loving way. It was really very very beautiful. It was emotionally beautiful and

it was physically beautiful.

There was a relatively traditional Jewish

ceremony, and then the bride and groom recited vows to one another that were my

favorite duet of the weekend. But then they're both writers. Emily works at the

Whitney Museum, but she's also a writer as well as being very involved in

working with Scott on his career. They met when he hired her to listen to

demos, and catalogue his songs. She'd worked for John Lurie, a Soho

avant-gardist, and prior to that, when she was in college, she worked for rock

critic Bob Christgau.

Emily wore a pearl-gray satin spaghetti strap dress,

and she looked absolutely beautiful in this completely unpredictable brides'

costume. Scott wore an open-collar shirt with a very wide collar with his

tuxedo. Handsome Dick made the first toast, and said "I'm supposed to get up

here and talk for about forty-five minutes. (Pause) Oh, four or five minutes."

The bride's grandfather, Gerry Marcus, a very noted San Francisco lawyer, gave

a very sweet speech, Scott's father made a wonderful speech, Greil made two or

three wonderful speeches, Jenny made one. The cake was good. I think it was

white with chocolate filling but I can't swear to it. Afterwards the happy

couple took off for