Attention Certain Radio Stations: Don't Steal Our News!

Hey! Radio folks. No, we're not talking about all the cool

DJs and news departments and radio station web masters who have been

attributing the "Music News Of The World" reports they use on the air to

Addicted To Noise. We're talking about the ones who aren't. Dig this. At ATN,

our news department, headed by veteran reporter Jaan Uhelszki, go to a lot of

trouble to deliver the latest news. If you're gonna put it on the air,

attribute it. Simple as that. Otherwise, to be rather blunt, you're stealing

it. And we don't think much of thieves. In fact, we think they belong in jail.

So be cool, give credit where credit is due, and then we can put a smiley face

sticker on the news room door.