Prez Clinton To Sign Internet Censorship Bill Today

Is this "indecent?" Now the government will decide.

ATN editor Michael Goldberg writes: Despite

plenty of

noise from the Net community, and those who think that our First Amendment

rights mean something, the President is going to sign the telecommunications

bill today, a bill that will make it illegal to publish "indecent" material on

the Net. As columnist Jon Carroll wrote in today's San Francisco Chronicle,

"Suppose someone proposed a law banning discussion of abortion on television

and in the newspaper. You'd be against that, right? The new bill

specifically bans discussion of abortion online. Surprised?" We're not.

We know that, as Carroll also wrote, "There are forces that want to tell you

how to think and what to read. They're trying to start online, but you're next

on the list. We must hang together, or by damn, we will hang

separately." Well put. Frankly, we here at ATN expect the worst from those who

run the government. And a move towards fascism, is, I guess, also to be

expected. Fuck that! Let's all raise out voices yell and scream about this.

Otherwise, before too long, as Carroll so eloquently put it, we won't be able

to do that either.