Say It's Your Birthday: The Standells' Larry Tomblyn

Garage rock flourished in the mid-'60s, and for a brief

moment, so did the Standells. On June 11, 1966, their one and only hit, "Dirty

Water," reached #11 on the Billboard Top 100. Back in those days garage

rock was also called punk, and turning on the AM radio and hearing the

Standells' singer Dick Dodd deliver the lyrics with an attitude shared a decade

later by a certain Mr. Rotten was not so different than hearing "Smells Like

Teen Spirit" blasting from a million radios in the early '90s. Today is also

the birthday of Al Kooper. Though he's done many things musical, it is his

organ playing on Bob Dylan's classic "Like A Rolling Stone" for which Kooper

deserves his place in rock history. Sure he let The Blues Project, and

conceived the Supersession album featuring blues guitarist Michael

Bloomfield and produced the Tubes first album. But here at ATN, when we think

about Al Kooper, we think about the man who helped Dylan create a devastating

rock 'n' roll sound. Happy birthday, guy!