Dunkin' Donuts: Alice Donut Calls It Quits

We got news the other day that Alice Donut, those wacky

psychedelic rockers, long stalwarts of Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles

label have decided to call it quits after nine years and seven albums. This

break-up comes on the heels of Pure Acid Park, AD's most critically

acclaimed and successful album and tour ever--and was a complete surprise to

Biafra and his president of his label, Greg Wreckman. "They just decided that

it was time to do other things, and it's just ironic that they chose to do it

now, after all the attention they got for their last album and the extensive

headlining tour they did in the US and Europe," Wreckman told ATN. "We didn't

even try to convince them not to break up because their reasons all made


The band decided to throw in the towel after playing their 1000th,

and what became their final show, in London on November 25, 1995. It wasn't

that there was some unforgivable fracas, drug addicted band member or some

life-altering incident that occurred. Instead, they say they're just had

enough. Kind of like when Cheers decided to end the series while things

were still going good, instead of waiting for flagging reviews. Alice Donut

wants to assure us that this split was not acrimonious. We're also told that

the band members plan to pursue individual projects as well as future

collaborations. We'll keep you posted.