Posies Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The Posies have pushed back the release of their new album

two weeks, due to a name change . Originally they were going to call their

album Broken Record but decided that that wouldn't lend itself to strong

album art. The upshot is that the new album will be called Amazing

Disgrace, and will see release on April 23. To introduce some of their new

songs, the Posies are playing on January 24 in Portland, Oregon, January 26 in

San Francisco and on January 27 at the Hollywood Grand, where they'll appear as

part of the Pop Topio Festival along with the Muffs. Posies' John Auer and Ken

Stringfellow jet off to Atlanta the next week, where they will be appearing at

the Gavin Convention, performing with Jody Stephens of the legendary Big Star

fame. Then it's off to Europe, where they are huge stars, playing over 100

dates there last year. Stringfellow just returned from a trip to Thailand he

took with his wife, Kim Warnocke of the Fastbacks. The two of them cut dashing

figures among the Thai's with Ken's florescent pink hair, and Kim's eccentric

clothing style. They told ATN that they had some harrowing experience that had

a lot to do with leeches. And then of course there was the time they spent in

the lap dancing palaces where the women performed with exploding bananas.

(Don't ask). What do you mean what were they doing there? Research of course.