New Column From That Weirdo Called Was

The drugs have, indeed, gotten to him. Though we begged

and begged, our man David Was was on such an acid bender during the month of

December, that he just plain never got around to writing a January column for

ATN. We offered him thousands of dollars, but he was just too busy staring at

the flowers in his backyard. Then, once the clock struck midnight, Was came

alive and began typing out the column that has earned him notoriety far and

wide. And we are proud to let you know that the new "David Was Undrugged"

column is now on-line, ready for your eyes. Head over to

HREF="/ATN/issues/2.01/Columns/">"Columns" and trip on

"David Was Undrugged." Actually, almost nothing in this paragraph is true,

except for one thing. There is a new David Was column, it's real good, and you

should read it.