Say It's Your Birthday: Francoise Hardy

Do godesses have birthdays? We know that French folksinger

Francoise Hardy was born on this day, but we have no idea what year. No matter;

goddesses are ageless. Francoise was ab icon in Paris, had hits in the swinging

London of 1964 and '65 and pretty much everywhere else in the world outside of

the U. S. A. (Why America went for the Singing Nun and now Francoise Hardy is a

mystery that perplexes us at ATN to this day.) One Yank who got the message was

Bob Dylan. SO smitten with Ms. Hardy was Dylay that a couple of accounts have

him dashing off "I'll Keep It With Mine" for her. Nico always claimed that his

BobShip wrote it for her, but you never know. We know of at least three women

that David Bowie claimed to have written "The Prettiest Star" for. All we can

say for sure is that its a convenient way for us to get around to mentioning

our signifigant other birhday. It belongs to lead Bangle vocalist Susannah

Hoffs (born, we're pretty sure, in 1957), who just happens to have cutr the

definitive version of "I'll Keep It WIth Mine." It can be found on a 1984

compilation of covers called "Rainy Day." Produced by future Mazzy Star

mastermind David Roback, it takes the arrangement from Nico's Chelsea Girl and

strips it down so it sounds like the version of the Dylan song Nico always

nagged the Velvets to work up, but which Lou Reed never would. Other brithdays

today belong to singer Paul Young, Jamaincan toaster Shabba Ranks, former

Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, former Kajagoogoo member Jez Strode, former Berlin

member John Crawford and the once and future Chris