Not A News Story: This Dog's Eye View Problem

First of all, this is not a real news item. Let's get that

out of the way. Now we have this problem. Someone over at Columbia Online, some

genius in their art department, thinks that messy, hand drawn lettering is

cool. And they think that minimal is good. Which explains why there is a very

weird ad banner at the top of several areas of Addicted To Noise. We argued

with them. We pleaded. We begged. But these big time record biz folks think

they know what's up. So all we can say is, Don't worry about how it looks, just

click on that banner so you can get over to all the cool info and sound clips

and pictures and road diaries and lyrics and god knows what else they've got in

the Dog's Eye View pit stop. By the way, Dog's Eye View is this band led by

Peter Stuart. He's the kind of guy who, back when he was an acoustic performer,

got himself on shows with Counting Crows and Tori Amos and Cracker. He sold his

homegrown first album out of his trunk. Hey, the guy's got balls, what can we

say. Now he's got this band, and this new album called Happy Nowhere,

which is about out state of mind these days. And that's all we're gonna tell

you. Now get over there, make our advertiser happy, and all that.