Say It's Your Birthday: Vickie Peterson

Happy Birthday Vickie Peterson. Born in Los Angeles on

this day in 1958. Oh yeah, the bassist for the Go-Go's. Or was it the Runaways?

That's why ATN is here, friends, to help you keep your Pandoras straight. We

can tell you withou absolute authority that today's brrrthday grrrl belongs to

another distaff L. A. combo altogether, the Bangles. Many are the Bangleoids

who'll tell you their band was the best banana in the bunch. Leaving that

potential catfight for another time, we'll concede that the Bangles were

certainly the most successful of all those bands. They scored two #1s, two #2s

and a bunch of other chart-sized thingies before the usual socio-artistic

differences wrent them asunder in 1989. But when Bangles fans state the case

for their band's greatness, the CD they'll play for you is All Over the

Place from 1984, the band's first full-length album. What makes it

unforgettable is the cluster of great songs that originated with lead guitarist

Vickie Peterson: "Hero Takes A Fall," "Tell Me," "Dover Beach," and "James"

(all but the last written in tandem with rhythm guitarist and primary lead

singer Susanna Hoffs). None of these were hits, but then again, neither of the

two succeeding multi-platinum albums came close to matching the consistency of

this one. And never again would the Bangles sound this much like a band. Our

ATN crystal ball tells us not to be the least bit surprised to find Vickie

Peterson, her sister Debbi, Michael Steele and Susanna Hoffs sharind stages

again before this year is out. Relisteing to the Bangles' debut after all this

time makes us kind of hope they do: and if they do, that it's the energy and

the spirit of All Over the Place that's being reunited. Meantime,

Vickie's union with Peter Holsapple and Susan Cowsill in the Continental

Drifters should soon be thrilling us with a second effort, certainly something

to look forward to. Other birthdays: Slim Harpo, the late Don Cherry, Lee

Ritenour and the ultimate state mother, Naomi