Manic Street Preacher's Sister Makes Plea For His Return On Brit TV

As you probably know Richey Edwards from Manic Street

Preachers is still missing. In fact, on February 1 it will be exactly a year

from when he was due to fly to these shores with James Dean Bradfield. Since

that day there has been neither hide nor hair of him, and the only clue to his

whereabouts was his deserted car left near Severn Bridge in London. As you can

imagine, the Edwards' family have been besides themselves, and on December 22,

Richey's sister Rachel appeared on the UK TV program "Missing At Christmas,"

appealing to her brother to get in touch with her. Here's what she said: "I've

got so many fond memories of him. Being my brother and being so close in age,

I've got so many memories. My brother is five feet eight inches tall, of very

slim build. Naturally his hair is dark brown, but he had actually shaved it at

the time of his disappearance. He's got several tattoos, one of which is a rose

which bears the words 'Useless Generation.' He's got very pale skin and dark

brown eyes. If you are listening, Richard, make contact in whichever way you

can. We're missing you. We think about you every Day. No one hates you for

disappearing. We realize that coming back may be difficult, or even impossible

for you. But if you're in trouble we only want to help you in any way we can.

We won't make any demands of you. If you've got a new life and you don't want

us in it, then please try to get that message across to you."