Gene Promise More Theatre

Gene's Martin Rossiter, former ATN road reporter, and

ridiculously handsome frontman has announced that the band are going to play it

a little closer to the edge with their new tour. They kickoff a British tour on

January 16, and plan to be on our shores before the Spring thaw, after which

they'll pop into the studio to start work on their follow-up to last year's

Olympian. Rossiter crowed a little to reporters recently, telling them

that Gene's fans can expect "a little more theatre, a little more drama," from

the group. The effervescent and verbally adept Rossiter also confesses that his

songs are becoming rather autobiographical. "Lyrically I think I'm writing much

more personal stuff, almost subconsciously. I was about two thirds of the way

through "Drawn To The Deep" before I realized the song was actually about me."

Some of the other songs he's finished include: "Speak To Someone," "Save Me I'm

Yours," "Fighting Fit" and "Cast Out The Seventies."