1000 Mona Lisas Sell Album On Web First

1000 Mona Lisas like to do it their way, like latter day

Sid Viscous. First they did an edgier version of Alanis Morissette's You

Oughta Know then they got kicked off a show in Huntington Beach celebrating

U.S. Surfing Open, for using obscenities, then there was that nasty piece of

business over a drug bust, now they've decided to something completely

different---but at least this time it's legal. The are going to sell their

forthcoming album, New Disease on the Internet, one month prior to it's

official release date which is February 27. Fans can e-mail their credit card

number--not exactly the most secure thing in the world to do, we might add--or

call an 800 number which will be available on 1000 Mona Lisa's web site

(http://www.iuma.com/1000_MonaLisas) in about a week. Currently you can score

some free stuff by going there, but on January 27 you'll be able to buy the

Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs) produced opus.