Paul Westerberg: Clothes Make The Man

Lookin' like a "million bucks."

Paul Westerberg is on his way back to Minneapolis after

spending three days glad-handing in Los Angeles while overseeing the finishing

touches on his self-titled LP that will be released on April 9. Those who were

able to bask in his splendidly reclusive presence were stunned to see the

former Replacement looking so fab in his brown thrift shop suit, unmatched

black and white vest, and red and white polka-dotted bow tie. According to one

source, Westerberg "looks like a million bucks." He used three (count 'em)

drummers on the album: Michael Urbano (from Cracker), Michael Bland (who

usually performs with Westerberg's Minneapolis neighbor, the deposed Prince)

and Josh Freese. Another Minneapolis native (and another former Replacement),

bassist Tommy Stinson, plays on a couple of the tracks . Westerberg hasn't

decided who he's using for the touring band--mainly because he wishes he could

forget the entire idea of touring. The album will include a few of the tracks

that Brendan O'Brien produced, before Westerberg gave him the boot. Westerberg

replaced the very famous O'Brien (Pearl Jam; Stone Temple Pilots) with Boston

native Lou Giorado. Here's a complete listing of the tracks: "These Are The

Days," "Century," "Love Untold," "Ain't Got Me," "You've Had It With You,"

"Mamadadydid," "Hide 'n Seekin'," "Once Around the Week," "Trumpet Clip,"

"Angel Walk," "Good Day," and "Time Flies