Ruby Tuesday

Ruby's debut album Salt Peter should be in your

sweaty little palms by next Tuesday, January 9, if you play your cards right.

Singer and co-creator Lesley Rankine certainly has been playing her cards

right--garnering all kinds of attention with the first single, "Paraffin,"

which has it's own steamy story. (You figure it out.) What's so interesting

about Ruby's songs is that they are not poignant love songs (although you might

be tempted to call them poignant) but they each have a steamy little story,

like the next single "Tiny Meat" (which is actually about the human heart, an

arguably small piece of meat).

Lesley left her last band, Silverfish, two

years ago, because it was so unredeemably macho and misogynist (To wit, their

t-shirts read: Hips Tits Lips Power) and created this band with the help of

studio-meister Mark Walk (a Seattle native and producer of former Skinny Puppy

member Ogre's new project, Welt). Ruby was so named because Rankine's and

Walk's grandmother's were both named Ruby--something they both considered a

good omen. Coincidence, perhaps. Without missing a beat, Rankine left her home

in London (she's originally from Scotland) and moved to Seattle in 1994 in

order to work with Walk, whom she had collaborated with when she was involved

in the industrial supergroup Pigface. Some of you will be able to see exactly

how raw, and dynamic this outfit is when Ruby performs five showcases next

month, breaking in the new touring band, that's comprised of Sharon Dougherty

on guitar and keyboards, Chris Taplin on bass, guitar and computers, and Gavin

Fawcett on drums.

Ruby tour dates:

Feb. 22; New York, NY; Mercury


Feb. 24; Atlanta, GA; The Point

Feb. 26; Chicago, Ill; Double


Feb. 28; San Francisco, CA; Bottom Of The Hill

Mar. 1; Los

Angeles, CA; Dragonfly