It's Not The Size That Counts; Name Change For Giant

We know that Giant Records isn't going to be Giant much

longer--in fact they will be unveiling a new nom de label and new logo in

mid-February. To kick off the new year the erstwhile Giant Records just signed

that quintessential power pop group from Seattle, Superdeluxe, who until this

very moment resided on Portland, Oregon's classy boutique label, Tim/Kerr

Records, home of Pere Ubu and the stupendously adorable Dandy Warhols.

Superdeluxe attracted a lot of attention after criss-crossing the U. S. last

year, ending the year playing at Mo's in Seattle with the Presidents Of The

United States and the Posies in yet another netcasted concert . Their final

Tim/Kerr release was the Christmas EP Electric Holiday, which featured

the totally cool "All I Want Is A Skateboard." Giant/Not Giant plans to reissue

Superdeluxe's 1995 T/K Record's CD Famous ASAP, before getting them into

the studio to record a follow-up for the label.