Van Gogh's Daughter Want To Kill You (Not Really)

8:15 PM. Any band--particularly one comprised of four

women--that has a song in their repertoire called "U Fuck," has, at the

minimum, got nerve. As it turns out, San Francisco's Van Gogh's Daughter are

everything that a band that named itself after a crazy painter who sliced his

own ear off should be. Loud, noisy, tense and nervous punk-pop that anyone who

digs Veruca Salt and/or Green Day will be excited about when their debut album,

Shove, is released on Feb. 13.

By the time I pushed my way up to

the front of the "Alive" tent, now filled with all these aliens wearing tuxedos

and short, expensive black dresses, the group was wrapping up the provocatively

titled "World Between Your Knees" and then immediately launching into "If I

Were God," which began with this totally cool hypnotic drone intro before

shifting gears into a hyper-tempo explosion of ravaged chords and intense


The group has two lead singers and sometimes they trade verses and

sometimes they sing in unison and sometimes one or the other sings lead.

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Jane Woodman has short blond hair, bangs cut just

above her eyes. In an oversized black and blue stripped crew-neck shirt, and

black jeans, Woodman looks like you'd find her in juvie if she hadn't found

salvation in rock 'n' roll. Then there's guitarist/singer/songwriter Paige

Weber. Jail bait is the phrase that comes immediately to mind. She looks like

she's about 15 years old. (Woodman looks, maybe, 16, but with the dark, twisted

soul of Iggy Pop.) Weber plays this awesome turquoise Gibson SG guitar (that's

the style of guitar Pete Townshend of the Who used to play, back before his

hearing was shot). Weber's hair seems to be about three colors--blond and brown

and platinum--which gives her this kinda punk innocence thing, although you

know that innocence has nothing to do with it.

Over to the right, is

bassist Rachel Thoele. It appears that she stuck her thumb into an electrical

outlet because she is jerking spasmodically back and forth in front of her

Ampeg amps. Unlike her pants clad partners, Thoele is wearing a short black

dress and dark green tights and has a kind of hardened look about her. If they

make a film called "The Baby-sitter Did It," Thoele would be perfect for the

role of diabolical baby-sitter who knocks off both parents, then turns on the


And the thing is that Van Gogh's Daughter have all these great

punk-pop songs and the best one is called "Eyes of Julie" and it's an anthem

and it's the kind of song that you hear once and you have to hear it again and

again and so I predict that if they can make a video as cool as "Seether," MTV

will be all over them. These punks could be next year's Green Day and let's

hope so.

More to come, if I live to tell of


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