Pink Floyd Lights Up Your Life

The cult of Pink Floyd is being dragged out and resuscitated once

again, when Pulse their double live CD is released on June 8.

Always believing that nothing succeeds like excess, the remaining

Floyd boys have put out two different versions of the CD, which will

each incorporate a pulsating light powered by two double A batteries (

yes, batteries are included) in the package as well as a complete

version of "Dark Side Of The Moon." One of the versions has a slip

cover booklet case with the light on the spine; the other is a 5 1/2"

x 12" "longbox" with the light on the top. Both versions will retail

for $34.98, and Pink Floyd fans in the UK can purchase a four LP vinyl

version without the light show. Meanwhile, Capitol Records, the label

which released the early (and great) first batch of Floyd albums is

re-releasing the newly remastered disks shortly. At least some of us

can't wait for the sonically enhanced The Piper At the Gates of