Chris Isaak Does "Friends"

Isaak, as seen at the ATN anniversary party. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

With an eye to keeping viewers tuned to NBC after the

Super Bowl on January 26, the network will air a special two-part episode of

"Friends." They've upped the star-power by bringing in Jean-Claude Van Damme,

Brooke Shields and--this is why we're telling you about this--Chris Isaak.

Isaak, as you know, is a very special friend of ATN. He not only showed up but

played five (5!) songs at our anniversary party on Dec. 20 (hey, we're

shameless). Anyway, Isaak plays a librarian (?) that Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) falls

for in a big way. The show's producers are still trying to land Julia Roberts,

and will reshoot if she signs on. It was unclear if Isaak sings during the

show, but we'd be very surprised if some of his music isn't