Christmas Eve At The Oasis

If you're caught up in the holiday spirit, how about buying Noel (right) a new car. He'd probably like a Jaguar.

The Gallagher brothers really seemed full of the...spirit

when they were on our shores last week. Brother Noel told ATN a little about

his plans for Yuletide. He bought his mom a watch, was planning on buying his

girlfriend Meg an entire wardrobe--that's what she asked for--but after all

she's the Wonderwall. Yes, Noel wrote the ballad for his beloved. As for the

guys in Oasis, Noel already shelled out over $8,000 buying them snazzy Italian

motorscooters. "I bought the guys five scooters when I was in Italy. I'm just

waiting to see if they'll actually buy me anything. 'Cause I was saying to them

last night, 'Are you fucking going to buy me anything, because I shelled out

five grand for you fuckers.' They were like 'uh, what do you want?' And I said,

'Surprise me.' They said, 'What are we gonna get you, you've got everything.'

'Well you're not going to get out of that easily.' We told Noel it was nice of

him to point it out to his band, and his reply, was that they'd forget

otherwise. Just in case Liam, Bonehead, and Alan are reading this, Noel told us

he wants to buy a house and a car (although he doesn't drive). When we asked

him what he wanted in the new year, he replied. "All I ask for is the right to

keep on making records. My immediate ambition is just another album, and to be

happy." We know you'll get your first request Noel, but that second one--well

if we could grant it for you, we would.