Atlantic Records Made Us Do It, Take 2

Alright already. What's with you guys (and girls...and

women...and men...and kids... and....). Not only does Atlantic Records take out

an ad in Addicted To Noise, but they come up with this contest that allows

three people to win a copy of this Spew+ thing and only some of you actually

use the handy banner at the top of "Music News Of The World" to link to it.

Hey, we want 1000s of you over there. Millions! So get going. Now you might be

wondering what this Spew+ thing is. If so, read on. First, it's a CD. Put it in

your CD player and you hear a bunch of songs by a bunch of groups that record

for Atlantic Records (like CIV and Rusty and Collective Soul and The Inbreds

and Jill Sobule and Jewel and the Dragmules and others). Ok. That makes sense.

But then, you take the same CD and put it in your CD-ROM drive, and suddenly

you're seeing video of the groups, looking at song lyrics, all kinds of stuff.

It's like a music video game or something. How did they do it? Who knows. Who

cares. But the thing is, every week day they're giving three of them away to

the first three people who answer the day's Spew+ trivia question correctly.

Like we said earlier, you use the banner at the top of this page to get to the

Spew+ site so you can enter. If you don't win, you might consider asking your

folks to get you one and put it in your stocking or under the tree. OK.