Metallica Party On

Same photo, new news item.

In the continuing Metallica saga, the band has two more
weeks to go before they vacate The Plant, Sausalito California’s pre-eminent
studio, which they have booked since last February. A source very close to the
band says the new album, which is scheduled for a March ’96 release, will
contain 25 songs, 18 of which have already been recorded. This is not to say
that the band has kept their noses to the grindstone. James Hetfield went
hunting with Jim Martin, the former evil genius guitarist with Faith No More,
in Yosemite a couple months ago, and as we told you last week, Metallica flew
down to Los Angeles to help Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister celebrate his 50th
birthday, and just last night the entire band went to San Francisco’s Bottom Of
The Hill to see Joan Jett perform with Evil Stig, aka as the Gits. All four of
the Metallica-ites pressed in close to see Jett work the crowd, just skirting
the edge of the mosh pit. Afterwards, Kirk Hammett went backstage to mingle
with the Jett and company. Lars Ulrich was about to follow, and asked the husky
fellow manning the backstage door whether Kirk was up there. When the bodyguard
answered “Yes,” the drummer replied, “then I’ll stay here.” Go figure. Later
the foursome seemed completely at ease when they posed for pictures with Jett
and the Gits. Also in attendance was Linda Perry, formerly from For Non
Blondes, who just finished her first (and much anticipated) solo album, and
Metallica producer Bob