Oasis And Their Stupid Rock Star Tricks

For some reason, we think success may have gone to the heads of certain members of Oasis.

Oasis arrived at their Aspen radio shows in style. The

irascible quintet from Manchester donned their snowsuits and drove snowmobiles

to the show. But other than this necessary mode of transport, they didn't avail

themselves of any of the winter sports that Aspen offers. Instead they logged a

lot of time bellying up to the bar, as well as filming a segment for MTV a la

the Beatles in A Hard Day's Night . In Aspen, as in other cities on this

radio promotion tour, Noel Gallagher sang both "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look

Back In Anger" as Liam sat on the side of the stage looking pissed off,

according to one report. In Berkeley, California, where they played the Live

105 Green Christmas shows, Oasis really put the DJ who was interviewing them

through his paces. At one juncture one of the brother's Gallagher (Liam we

think) told the listening audience that "I'm the fucking son of God." Very

derivative we might add (especially so soon after the Beatles TV shows in which

Lennon's "Jesus" quote was featured). Perhaps this bit of arrogance was due to

the gallon of Jack Daniels the group had in their Berkeley dressing room. Jack

Daniels, we might mention, they refused to share with Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon,

when she knocked on the door of Liam's dressing room and asked if she might

have a cup. Unbelievable as it may seem, the younger Gallagher refused, saying

to no one in particular, "No she can't have any." And he meant it. Wanted to

make sure there was enough for him no doubt. The beauteous lead singer was

sporting a new hair cut which looked like a Louise Brooks flapper wig, with

little spit curls over his ears. He and the new haircut were keeping company

with Lars Ulrich from Metallica, who had flown up from Los Angels, where he was

still recovering from Motorhead mainman Lemmy's 50th birthday party to see

Oasis. Onlookers later saw Ulrich standing on the side of the stage when Oasis

played, singing along at the top of this lungs. A friend of ATN was standing

next to Ulrich and noticed that he kept looking at her. Finally she said

"What?" He said he liked to watch people digging Oasis. To break the odd mood,

she said "I like your medallion." His reply was, "Yeah, I know, I'm rich." He

was also overheard telling people, without any irony, that he was a rock star.

He certainly acted like it when he ordered everyone out of Oasis' dressing room

so he and Liam could have some private time together. Oh yeah, and at the end

of the night, the Jack Daniels bottle remained half full, so they certainly

could have given Gordon a