R.E.M. Join Liz Phair In The Studio

R.E.M.'s producer is after a hit for Liz, here photographed by our man Jay Blakesberg.

Scott Litt is in the studio with still smoldering super

nova Liz Phair in Los Angeles. The two of them had the good sense to hire

Eleven guitarist Alain Johannes to play on the tracks--Alain is known as quite

the renaissance man in some circles, first of all being an extraordinarily

gifted guitarist, songwriter, visual artist, video producer, and now

contributor to RIP Magazine. Some friends of Litt dropped by when they

were in town, and ended up staying to play on one of the tracks. The friends of

S. were non other than the members of R.E.M. who added their own flourishes to

a yet unnamed track. Litt took a break from recording to join R.E.M. at their

final show in Atlanta on November 21, at the Omni Theater. The jury is still

out on whether this almost year-long world tour that began last January in

Australia will be their last.