Tricky Spills The Beans

Tricky and Bjork seemed to have gone their separate ways late last summer.

According to an interview in NME, Tricky said that the relationship

that blossomed between the two of them when he worked on her second album,

plummeted when she trashed him on-stage at this year's Reading Festival. When

questioned about what she exactly said about him, this Lothario from Bristol

said, "She probably said, 'I'm too scared to love,' or something like that.

'Why can't he love me?' The sort of things she always says about me." He

wouldn't go so far as to admit that she was the love of his life, rather he

told the rag that, "We were more support for each other...We used to hang out

together, but I think people wanted us to be more of an item then we wanted

to be. We've just been leaning on each others' shoulders but if that's an

item, I don't know."

Tricky, who was recently in Los Angeles, travels with his own fitness

trainer, a yoga instructor, and his man Friday, who goes by the name of

Kingsley. He was grousing over an admission Noel Gallagher of Oasis made

about the two of them doing cocaine together. "It's not funny--joking about

cocaine. I think it's a serious thing...Y'see it's easy to joke about coke

when you're making loads of fucking money, but it ain't a joke. Even

involving my name with cocaine I don't find funny--it's silly, it's got

nothing to do with my music." What he does want to talk about is his new

label, that he's calling Durban Poison, and his first release by the Starving

souls, which is a single called "I Be The Prophet."