You Say It's Your Birthday: Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green

Today is the birthday of Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green, born this day in London

1947. Green first met Fleetwood Mac frontman Mick Fleetwood as part of

Shotgun Express, and played with him again when he replaced Eric Clapton in

The Bluesbreakers. After Fleetwood and Green were fired from the

Bluesbreakers, they joined up with bassist John McVie to form Fleetwood Mac.

The band's first album, Fleetwood Mac, as released in 1968, and from

then they were off and running, adding vocalist Christine Perfect, who became

Christine McVie when she married John. After several successful albums, Green

(born Greenbaum) renounce Judaism and converted to Christianity, and the

following year (1970) he announced he was leaving the band, stating that the

pressures of stardom are intolerable. Must've been in the air, as the very

next year guitarist Jeremy Spencer left for the same reasons, telling the

band he was going out to buy newspapers and disappearing for two years. It

later turned out he joined a religious cult. In 1974 Fleetwood met guitarist

Lindsey Buckingham and his partner Stevie Nicks, and the two joined the band,

an addition that proved highly fruitful. While the band put out hit single

after hit single (notably "Rhiannon" and "Say You Love Me") Green wanted no

part of fame or fortune, and in 1977 attacked his accountant with an air

rifle for trying to deliver a royalties check. Green was hospitalized for

mental illness following this attack. That same year Fleetwood Mac released

their most successful album to date, chart topping Rumours . The

following years saw several solo efforts for nearly every member of the band;

Nicks collaborated with Eagle Don Henley on "Leather and Lace," Lindsey

Buckingham and Christine McVie each released solo albums, and Mick Fleetwood

filed for bankruptcy. The band reunited in 1987 to put out Tango In The

Night, their biggest album since Rumours . Following this

release came the ubiquitous greatest hits packages, and further solo projects

for all members.