Candlebox Member Buys Share Of Seattle Club

Candlebox always seem to carry the taint of being neo-arena rockers in

the mecca of grunge--but their recent cover of the Seattle's

Rocket showed them to be imbued with a fine sense of the absurd

in the face of all their detractors, given that they all dressed like

Courtney Love in her tiara and prom dress (a la her appearance at the

Oscars this spring). Another indication that the band are solid

citizens of the other city by the bay is that Candlebox's vocalist,

Kevin Martin, recently bought a share in the renowned Seattle club

Rkcndy. Insiders say that since he spent so much time in the

hallowed halls of the place, it was only right. Plus he does have a

lot of disposable income since their self-titled debut album did go

triple platinum. Shooting for the moon again, Candlebox recently

released Lucy, which they're promoting with a massive tour

which began last week. For those collectors among you, Candlebox is

also releasing a special double-LP set, featuring both Lucy and

Candlebox (which was never previously available on vinyl).