Therapy? Singer Flashes Audience

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: Seems they don't take too kindly to

psychoanalysis in the UK. Or maybe they just don't understand it.

Whatever the case may be, a series of rather boggling reports have

appeared in the English trades regarding the exploits of Northern

Irish band Therapy? as they travel about promoting their latest album,

Infernal Love . Lead singer Andy Cairns flashed the audience in

Chile, then escaped the police by plane. Cairns canceled shows because

he lost his voice. And, our favorite, Cairns has given up cocaine in

favor of more dangerous and depraved pleasures: pints upon pints of

Hagen Daz ice cream. The people at Therapy?'s label, A&M, have no idea

where these reports are coming from, but are quite amused by them,

especially the ice cream one. "Knowing Andy, they all could be true,

but I really don't know," said one publicist. "But the Hagen Daz I can

see -- he sort of looks like a big ice cream-eating teddy bear,

doesn't he?" Well, yes he does.

Infernal Love will be released stateside in January. The first

single will be "Stories," which features cello and a sax, and other

tracks include "Dianne," a cover of the Bob Mould song about rape, "30

Seconds," which is actually much longer, and "Loose," which is either

about oral sex or flying, or both. Or oral sex while flying.