Snoop Trial Postponed: Two Juries Needed

Fresh from his O.J. victory, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran has

convinced Judge Paul Flynn to use two juries in the murder trial of

rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg, according to a report in Variety .

Snoop (Calvin Broadus) has been implicated in the 1993 shooting of

Philip Waldermariam, along with his former bodyguard McKinley Lee and

friend Shawn Abrams. After Flynn ruled that testimony by Lee alleging

that Broadus was armed at the time of Waldermariam's killing was

admissible, Cochran and his partner David Kennar asked for two juries,

claiming that Lee's statement could prejudice jurors against their

clients. Flynn consented, and two separate trials will hear evidence:

One for Broadus and Abrams, and another for Lee. Prosecution claims

the three men murdered Waldermariam following an altercation, while

the defense asserts the shooting was in self-defense, and that

Waldermariam was pulling a gun from his waistband when Lee shot him.

The trial was slated to begin Tuesday, but has been pushed back

because of this recent development. All three men are currently out on

bail, with Lee under electronic monitoring.