Major Tom To Supernova

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: It simply can't be mere coincidence that

yesterday we ran a story on David Bowie's purported intergalactic

immigration status, and today we learn that the rock trio calling

itself Supernova claim to be from the planet Cynot 3. Could Supernova

and Bowie be from the same planet? Could they even be related? They do

say truth is stranger than fiction. Supernova claims their

home-planet Cynot 3 was a "feeble refuse mine where inhabitants spent

most of the day searching for tinfoil." The band barely escaped Cynot

3's untimely demise, blasting off in an escape pod and crashing to

Earth three trillion light years later. The trio have just released

For Ages Three and Up . Songs include "Math," which compares a

relationship to getting an F in math class and "Mentos," a tribute to

those scintillating breath mint commercials. And then there's "Oreos,"

which features the refrain: "Where's the milk, man?" Oddly, there are

no songs devoted to what seems to be the topic closest to Supernova's

heart, tinfoil. For a band on a mission to drain Earth of all its

tinfoil resources and build a brand new star of their very own,

Supernova is disturbingly cavalier about the all-purpose food wrap

product, even going so far as to foil-wrap all the promo copies of

their release. Perhaps this is because they have others doing their

dirty work for them. Seems some e-mail was shuttled back and forth

between Supernova's publicity reps and the good folks at Reynolds Wrap

regarding a potential sponsorship. The final word from the Reynolds

mucky mucks was no go, something to do with "corporate image," etc.

etc. However, Supernova did get four boxes of complimentary Reynolds

Wrap and four sets of aluminum coasters out of the deal, which they

doubtlessly have added to their ever-growing tinfoil stockpile. Pretty