You Say It's Your Birthday: Violent Femmes' Victor DeLorenzo

Today is the birthday of Violent Femmes drummer Victor DeLorenzo, born

this day under the sign of Scorpio. Formed in the early '80s in

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Femmes quickly rose to New Wave stardom and

lasting status as one of the most revered cult bands in rock. In 1982

they released their self-titled debut, which some consider the

ultimate Femmes experience, undoubtedly due in part to the

irresistibly catchy track "Blister In The Sun" and the brilliant "Gone

Daddy Gone." Three years later the Violent Femmes put out Hallowed

Ground , which confused many fans with vocalist and songwriter

Gordon Gano's decidedly Christian slant. Some even thought the album

was a parody when first released, and were relieved by 1986's

Blind Leading the Naked , a more mainstream and angst-inspired

effort. Later albums left some feeling the Femmes had grown old and

cold, but in 1991 the band staged a comeback, of sorts with Why Do

Birds Sing , which was well-received and proved the Femmes still

alive and kicking. Two years later, the band released a greatest hits

compilation album, Add It Up , which included classic tracks

like "Gone Daddy Gone" and most other Femmes faves.