You Say It's Your Birthday: Sammy Hagar

Today is the birthday of Sammy Hagar, born this day 1947 in Monterey, CA. The

Hagar story begins in earnest when the singer replaced the lascivious David

Lee Roth as frontman for Van Halen in 1986. Before this event, Hagar was best

known for his anti-speed limit anthem, "I Can't Drive 55." The switch of lead

singers for the band was relatively painless, with the first Hagar-led album,

5150 going to number one. The album was named for the New York

Police's code for the criminally insane, and featured the single "Why Can't

This Be Love." In 1987 Hagar released a solo single "Winner Takes All," from

the Sly Stallone film Over The Top , which he quickly followed with a

self-titled solo album. After a two year break from live performances, Van

Halen opened their lavishly expensive and noisy "Monsters Of Rock" tour, a

veritable Heavy Metal fest, which they followed with the album OU812

. Ate one what? Maybe the answer lay in the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San

Lucas, Mexico, which the band purchased in 1990 and deigned to appear at for

opening night. Not satisfied with their album and restaurant earnings, the

band sued rap group 2 Live Crew for allegedly stealing a rif from "Ain't

Talking 'Bout Love." Today is also the birthday of Art Garfunkel and/or Paul

Simon, Lacy J.Dalton, and eternal lovers Ryan Kaufman and Marie Osmond.