You Say It's Your Birthday: Linda McCartney

Today is the birthday of Linda McCartney, born this day 1941. Born Linda

Eastman, she first gained notoriety when she married "cute" Beatle Paul

McCartney in 1969. McCartney had been expected to marry Jane Asher, the young

actress he was engaged to, but he wed Linda instead, in a civil ceremony at

London's Marylebone Registry Office. Paul was the last Beatle to be wed.

Immediately after the break up of the Beatles in 1970, Paul McCartney

released McCartney,, which contained the hit "Maybe I'm Amazed."

Linda was co-credited on Paul's next album, Ram , and in 1971 the

husband and wife formed Wings, adding Denny Laine of the Moody Blues on

guitar and Denny Seiwell on drums. Wings released a few albums in the early

70's, but the McCartneys got the most publicity for their single "Give

Ireland Back To the Irish," which was released shortly after British soldiers

killed 13 Irish citizens in the incident later known as "Bloody Sunday."

Critics attacked the single for being naive and trivializing the conflict

between Ireland and England; the song would barely make a stir in today's

political-cause-of-the-week rock scene. In 1973 the McCartney's were involved

in a string of drug busts for possession and the growing of marijuana, and

embarked on their first full scale tour. Paul McCartney wrote and recorded

the theme song for the James Bond flick "Live and Let Die," which would later

be rather oddly covered by Axl Rose. Not stopping for breath, Wings next

recorded Band On The Run , their first platinum-selling album. In the

following years various members left the band and were replaced, but

subsequent albums failed to perform as well as Band On The Run . The

McCartneys continued to perform together with, Linda on keyboards,

occasionally contributing embarrassing back-up vocals. Most recently, Wings

toured the U. S. to sell-out crowds, due to the fact that Paul was singing

lots of Beatles' songs. Today is also the birthday of Gerry Mardsen of Gerry

and the Pacemakers.